Shady Camp / Mary River / Daly River / Dundee Beach

The Northern Territory Run off is the prime time of year to plan your escape. This time of year, the runoff from the wet season makes its way to the coast. Barra of all sizes school in the big river systems, either moving downstream from the billabongs, or coming in from spawning to replenish. They come for one reason; to feed. They feed on the myriad of baitfish being swept downstream with the last of the floodwaters.

We focus our efforts on a location known as ‘Shady Camp’, part of the Mary River famous for trophy Barra. The time to target truly large fish.

The Runoff is what we look forward to every year, as not many experiences in fishing compare to seeing a very large Barra jump out of the water. Plenty of Crocodiles and birds also make the most of the abundance of bait in the river systems. It is a joy to take in the remote fishing Escape. You never know you just may land a metery.

We target Barra through trolling and casting at this time of year, we use heavier leader and upgraded hooks. You just never know when a metery will strike, and there is no need to be gentle at this time of year.

We also encounter some trophy size Threadfin Salmon while Barramundi fishing.

Duration:2-8 days (late February to may)


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Day Escapes – $400 per person.

Extended Escapes – 2-6 days:

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